net-zero carbon footprint

Cheaper, safer, cleaner, easier, lighter, more reliable.

AIRPower’s powertrain system is designed to replace the heavy-duty truck’s current diesel engine and transmission with electrically driven motors and generators, batteries, telemetry, and software. It is a sun-air powered electric system that does not require for the truck to stop and plug in to the grid to charge, or fuel up on hydrogen gas.

The carbon fiber compressed air tanks are designed so that they can be refilled or they can be easily switched and replaced throughout the distribution channel.

airpower powertrain

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Curtailing renewable energy wastes the opportunity to utilize the sun and wind energy that is provided by nature at no cost. This approach to managing renewables can make it more expensive for states to meet its clean energy and climate goals.

About 60 percent of the time, curtailment in California is the result of excess generation – where the supply of electricity is more than demand. To put the wasted renewable energy in perspective, conservative estimates show that curtailment of wind and solar doubled from 2015 to 2017 – with enough wasted energy to power about 56,000 California homes for a year.

AIRPower would use the excess supply of renewable energy and redistribute it. We would improve the efficiency of energy utilization at large scale, improving the processes and systems that use energy and enable new solutions aimed at the heavy-duty TRUCKING transportation sector.

Sustainable Electricity Generation & storage

from Solar & Wind Farms & hydroelectric plants

Compressed Air Energy Storage 

Truck’s carbon fiber TANK is charged using air that was compressed using 100% renewable energy - Net-Zero Carbon Footprint

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AIRPower truck vs other semi-truck concepts